Object Name - Four armed Cunda or Pragyaparmita (??)
Date/period - C. 800 CE
Dynasty/Style -
Material - Stone
Measurement / Weight - Ht - 12.5cm.
Accession/Registration No. - 2638 Cat. No. 36


Four armed Pragyaparamita (??). Face and breasts chipped off hands and knees damaged. Upper & left hand carries a book on a lotus, the upper right a lotus and rosary. Lower right is varda mudra, the left holds uncertain object in the top. Above the multilated halo is Amitabha with Avalokiteshwara seated in easy posture on his left. Dhyni Buddha figue broken vertically in two parts from head and left shoulder to below the chest on the right. Traces of two devotees on pedestal.