Object List of Gallery No. 1

Seated Buddha in meditation (Dhyan: Buddha)
Seated Buddha in meditation
Date/period : C. 500 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 156cm., W. 117cm. T. 49cm (present location on pedestal)
Headless Standing Buddha
Headless Buddha standing
Date/period : C. 700 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 54cm., W. 29cm. , T. 12cm.(present position on pedestal)
Headless sthanaka Buddha
Headless image of sthanaka Buddha
Date/period : 700 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 104cm., W. 49cm., T. 28cm. (present position on pedestal)
Headless Sthanaka Buddha
Headless Sthanaka Buddha
Date/period : C. 600 - 700 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 102 cm. , W. 60cm., T. 25cm. (present position on pedestal)
Votive Stupa
Votive Stupa
Date/period : C. 1000 - 1100 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 98cm., Circum frame - 147cm. (present position on pedestal)
Naga figure in three pieces
Naga figure in three pieces
Date/period : C. 600 CE
Measurement/Weight : H. 206 cm., W. 86cm., T. 33cm.